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Healing Hands The Family Clinic

Clinic in Dwarka-Healing Hand-The Family Clinic

Healing hands- The Family Clinic in Dwarka is a venture floated by a team of doctors including Physicians, Paediatrician, a Gynaecologist and a Surgeon. We strive to provide a one-stop solution for all your health care needs.Our clinic in Dwarka is located at suit no.-130,sector-23,Dwarka,New Delhi.We have team of Best Doctors in Dwarka to provide you best medical services at our clinic in Dwarka.

Our clinic staff are well qualified ,trained ,ever smiling, hard working , highly motivated.we as a team will provide you most up to date medical services available today.

The Scope of Our Services Include

  • Out Patient Consultations

    Avail OPD consultations in by experienced Physicians, Paediatrician and Surgeon.

  • Vaccinations

    Vaccination facilities for children, adolescents and adults.

  • Minor outpatient procedures

    Facilities available for minor outpatient procedures like I&D, dressing etc.

  • Laboratory services- Lab Sample collection

    Laboratory services- Lab Sample collection

  • ECG

    Electrocardiography and immediate reporting by experienced doctors.

  • Nebulization

    Emergency and routine nebulization facilities are available at the clinic.

  • Ambulatory Glucose Monitoring

    A continuous blood glucose monitoring over 2 weeks is done by using and small device applied over the skin. This method is very helpful in fine tuning Anti-Diabetes drugs in Diabetes patients.

  • Health Screening and Preventive Evaluation

    A comprehensive clinical evaluation including physical examination and laboratory investigations for preventive health check-up.

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